Free: Spook Central: Mankind Research Unlimited

Spook Central: Mankind Research Unlimited
After the death of a friend, who called herself The Spy Whisperer, a writer named Cleo Davies decides to take up the unfinished screenplay about a mysterious former Navy and NSA man named Dr. Carl Schleicher, who was President of Mankind Research Unlimited; also known as “Spook Central.” Known for exploring fringe groups and frontier science, his breakthroughs led to advances in Education as well as in Medicine. But there were also rumors about sinister MK-ULTRA and super-soldier programs that were buried after MRU was exposed in the Press. Before long, Cleo goes through her own awakened memories and soon finds herself dead center in a very real paranormal file, where she wonders if she is the only one not in on this game, or is she? Free on Kindle.
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