Atypical Ever After

Atypical Ever After
Sadie needs a hero for her broken heart –

After only eight dates with Dirk, Sadie Thompson is amazed how fast her heart has danced into his flame. She’s afraid if she divulges her secret, he’ll walk away.
Life was quiet until Brad, the estranged father of her niece, surfaces after a fourteen year absence. His dark motive for wanting custody of Noely shakes Sadie to the core. Wanting to keep them safe, she has Corrine and Noely move in with her. Life gets crazy as they try to deal with Brad’s constant harassment. He’s playing it just inside the line of the law, leaving them powerless.

Dirk knows Sadie is in trouble and he wants to be the hero she needs – in love and in life.

With all the chaos, Sadie doesn’t return Dirk’s calls. When he finds out about Brad, he promises he’ll be there for Sadie and her family. He has a secret of his own, including what he does for a living. He intends to be the hero Sadie needs—in love and in life. Dirk knows her heart’s been broken, and he wants to be the one to put it back together for her.

Romantic Suspense/Second Chance For Love
Note to Readers: This book touches on subject matter some might be triggered by. (Stalking/trafficking)
$2.99 on Kindle.
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