The Manling

The Manling

The boy’s adventure continues…

Winter is coming and the boy’s clan needs him for hunting. Feeling secure in his relationship with Irene as his mate, the boy ventures forth. While braving the wilderness, he crosses paths with a rogue male sasquatch and they form a brotherly bond as they travel together.

Life in the wilderness is unpredictable and things get complicated when a cryptozoologist and a magazine reporter stumble upon them. The two guys want to help the boy, not capture him. But after a misunderstanding, tensions flare between some newly arrived humans and a clan of nearby sasquatch.

The boy just wants to return to his family, but he might be the only one able to prevent unnecessary violence between the sasquatch and the humans. Will he succeed? And what other adventures will the boy have out in the wild? $6.99 on Kindle.
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