Life Is Abundant

Life Is Abundant

Life is Abundant

Are you struggling to find the good in life?
Do you have a relationship with gratitude?
What if you could unlock the full potential and possibilities of your life?

Gratitude. It’s a word many of us know, but often take for granted. We rarely understand how to apply it to our lives, limiting our capacity to fully experience its benefits. This changes now. Life is Abundant is a 21-day challenge and workbook designed to help you unlock the power of mindset focusing on abundance and gratitude. It is an invitation for you to view your life journey – the past, present and future – through a new perspective.

In it, Shannon uses life stories and experiences to share how easy it can be to adopt a mindset of gratitude and appreciation, even in the toughest of times. Through daily “explorations,” you are invited to examine your life for each topic. Step-by-step, you are guided in practical application of the concepts and how to do the internal work, understanding the source of your gratitude and life views. Gradually, you get to release old programming and blocks, making space for a stronger connection to yourself and the vibration of love, abundance, and gratitude.

This workbook is designed to be a fun, eye-opening, and empowering inquiry into your life to clearly see that it hasn’t been all bad – rather, it’s been more expansive than you thought. You will discover how to change your view on life to see and feel more good. By the end of the 21 days you won’t have a choice but to look at your life and everything around you through this new and improved lens.

After the challenge you’ll never go back to looking at your life through struggle, confusion, or lack. You will see that abundance surrounds you, life is supposed to feel good, and it’s possible to attract more of what you want with ease. You will finally see that Life is Abundant and only getting better.
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