The Cabin of the Tetons

In 1899, the frontier is alive and well in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, breeding bitter land disputes, gun fights and outlaws. Despite this, Mitch decides to open his struggling cattle ranch to paying guests. What he does not expect is the motley group of visitors who arrive to experience the “Old West,” including delicate-appearing Eira.

Eira realizes she has lived a lonely, sheltered life, but so far has not found the courage to get out of her rut. She now finds herself in Jackson Hole, only to please her uncle, who has also filled her with glowing exaggerations about the area. Yet as she quickly unearths the challenging reality behind the deceptively beautiful place, lying adjacent to the Tetons, she also determines whether or not, she has the grit to ever expand her world. The Cabin of the Tetons is based on true events, during a tumultuous time in America, when hopes could become realities. $0.99 on Kindle.
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