Your Pelvic Floor Sucks: But It Doesn’t Have To: A Whole Body Guide to a Better Pelvic Floor

Does your pelvic floor suck?

Quick answer: Your pelvic floor actually does suck.

Most people recognize a kegel exercise. So yes, your pelvic floor sucks, but did you know it does a lot more than that?

At least one in four women has some amount of pelvic floor dysfunction and most are being told it’s a normal part of having kids or aging. But Dr. Lindsay Mumma disagrees and thinks you should, too.

She outlines an evidence-informed approach for improving pelvic floor function that is nerdy but approachable. With ready-to-implement practices, exercises, and explorations, this book is a comprehensive guide to addressing a variety of pelvic floor dysfunctions (including some you probably didn’t know about). $2.99 on Kindle.
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