Doctor’s Surprise Twins: A Valentine’s Day Romance (Forbidden Doctors)

Doctor's Surprise Twins: A Valentine's Day Romance (Forbidden Doctors)
Derek never learned he was becoming a father. My guilt and his misconceptions made it so much harder, And when he delivers my twins, our twins, That one icy night seems to seal our fate forever. I once drew hearts around his name. We pushed the boundaries of our fine lines, But he was my brother’s best friend—Off-limits and out of reach. Years later, the story hasn’t changed. Derek is a OB-GYN at my new hospital, As sexy and self-assured as ever, But our stolen moments aren’t just a PR nightmare. My heart isn’t the only one I need to protect, And I refuse to be a pawn in a lovers’ game.No matter what he says or does, Life won’t wait for him to realize the truth. How did our story end up like this? Did I fool myself into hoping for a better ending, Or will those tempting amber eyes finally see That we are worth fighting for? $0.99 on Kindle.
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