Morrow’s Con: Opening Gambit (Morrow’s Con Stories Book 1)

Morrow's Con: Opening Gambit (Morrow's Con Stories Book 1)

Morrow is a mystery. He doesn’t smile, can blend effortlessly into a crowd, and lives a spartan lifestyle. Having grown up on the streets under the tutelage of a con man mentor, he’s ready for his first real “job.” Until he finds it, he’s working security for a mob boss’ motor pool in Phoenix.

When an opportunity arises for him to steal back a priceless painting for a powerful client, he knows this is just what he’s been training for his entire life.

A methodical planner, Morrow aims to control every variable he can for the upcoming heist with the precision of a master chess player. He maps out the target, assembles the perfect team. What can go wrong?

Lots actually. The least of which is the fact that you can’t escape the mob.

But it’s the obstacles and unseen threats a con man faces that prove his merit in a world filled with thieves and deceit.

Keeping his true motives close to the cuff, can Morrow execute his first big job and get away with it? Or will the con man be outconned by a move he can’t see coming? $0.99 on Kindle.
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