Journey of a Twelve-Year-Old, To a Woman of God : Limited Edition

Journey of a Twelve -Year -Old, To a Woman of God : Limited Edition
“Life is like standing in quicksand when you don’t have faith! But the Creator always provides.”
The story of a girl’s journey to adulthood, guided by family and faith as; she navigates life’s struggles. Discover how she overcame grief, trauma, and challenges to her morality to emerge the triumphant woman she is today.
The Beginning Journey from childhood to a woman of God delivers a valuable message to us all: there is courage to be found in turmoil and strength to be gained in adversity.

A lifetime of lessons, wisdom, and observations, this intriguing story will keep you firmly gripped and help you forge your path through life with faith. The lessons learned on this journey will ring true to readers of all ages.

As a man, woman, or discovering faith in God yourself, you will find the Bible verses helpful, inspiring, and motivational. They are a blueprint to help you journey through life’s many challenges.
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