Overcome Overthinking and Anxiety in Your Relationship: A Practical Guide to Improve Communication, Solve Conflicts and Build a Healthy Marriage

Do you ever feel alone in your relationship because you’re battling internal overthinking and anxiety?
Do you wish you could resolve conflicts with a fraction of the time and energy it currently takes?
How overthinking affects relationships
The reasons why you’re overthinking your relationship
How overthinking affects effective communication among couples
The necessary steps to take to overcome overthinking in your relationship
The right and wrong ways of solving conflicts in relationships
How you and your partner can make things work
Prioritizing healthy communication over overthinking
Dealing with negative energy and negative thoughts in your relationships
How to deal with bad habits in your relationship
Learning the art of listening for effective communication
How to prevent overthinking relapses, conflicts, and deal with trust issues, and hurts in your relationship
And a whole lot more!

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