The Cosmic Journey: Astrology Beyond the Self


‘The Cosmic Journey’ is meant to be an inspiring presentation of astrological thought. The text focuses upon the collective and individual influences of outer planetary cycles. In-depth analysis of their archetypal and cyclical features explains how these usher us beyond the physical realm, into the metaphysical continuum.

The book addresses both experienced astrologers and passionate spiritual individuals who want to explore the cosmic dynamics and understand the relevant symbolism. The text is a ‘voyage’ into the deepest mysteries of collective astrology. The idea is that it should not be a cookbook, but an inspiring text which unravels the mysteries of outer planetary cycles from various perspectives. Cases of famous people who were born with a close connection to such archetypes are shown.

Subsequently, the collective aspects of outer planetary synods in history are explored as well. The final part of the book deals with the spiritual and humanistic side of astrology. The reader’s attention is brought towards the fascinating difference between the constructive and destructive aspects of specific archetypal forces.

Stefano Stracuzzi attended the Faculty of Astrological Studies of London. Strongly motivated by psychological astrology, Stefano’s approach also includes regular use of planetary cycles in mundane analysis. His social research has been inspired by the works of Dane Rudhyar and André Barbault. In 2020 he launched his website, where he regularly publishes articles about economic, political, and ideological trends. $9.99 on Kindle.
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