Dead Run

Dead Run
Plaguers prowl the earth. Humans are their prey. Power must be taken.

In the Afterworld, only mercenaries leave the walled cities and have rights to the salvage needed for survival. Sulan can only dream of becoming one of them …

… until she discovers the Meat Grinder. It’s a race from one end of San Francisco to the other, through streets infested with flesh-eating plaguers.

If Sulan can finish the race, she’ll become a mercenary. Does she have what it takes to survive, or will she be more meat for the Meat Grinder?

Dead Run is the first book in the high-octane Afterworld Apocalypse series. If you like the dystopian future of Mad Max and the gritty characters of 28 Days Later, you’ll love this action-packed story.

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