All My Nevers

From the USA Today & International Bestselling Author Diana Nixon comes a brand new, dark romantic mystery about giving a second chance to feelings that should never be forgotten.

Not all fairytales are bathed in magic. Some are dipped in tears, grief, and blood.
And mine? It was submerged in all of the above.

Three years ago, leaving San Fernando felt like the best way out of the mess I was neck-deep in. An addict to all things forbidden, I betrayed everyone I loved and watched my little sister pay for my sins with her life. An escape felt like a blessing, so I ran away and left the ashes of my past drift behind me.
This is why returning to my hometown was never on the menu.
Nor was falling in love with my childhood friend whose heart had been irreparably broken by yours truly.
But my father’s death turned out to be a twist I wasn’t expecting, and I had no choice but to come back home, face my demons, and head the family and what was left of my father’s business.

My new life was hell on earth. Everyone hated me.
And I…
I loved the only girl I knew would NEVER be mine.

A standalone story that opens Saint No More – a series of romance novels about hate, revenge, passion, and love at a young age evolving into HEA.

A PERFECT NEXT READ for the fans of L. J. Shen, Tijan, Colleen Hoover, Jamie McGuire, Anna Todd, Ivy Smoak & Tarryn Fisher.

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