My Escape

Stress is experiencing mental or emotional strain or tension. People stress about so many different things in today’s world but, imagine when you A child who had deal with stress at the age of four and you had to deal with that stress till you turn eighteen because you didn’t have A way out and you was to scare to leave with no family who care to be by your side.
Based on a true story, Latanya Lyons narrates her painful childhood and the challenges she faced in hands of people who were supposed to love her. As a toddler, she stayed with her mother Regina, stepfather William, her sisters Jennifer, Tiara and her three brothers Mark, Malcolm, and Martin. But this was not a normal family. At the age of seven, Latanya and Jennifer had faced so much abuse until the Department of Human Service found it necessary to separate them from the family.

Hoping for a better life, Latanya and Jennifer moved in with their aunt Rosa, her husband Michael, and their five kids. Everything was blissful until one day when her aunt and uncle changed their attitude towards them. For the second time, Latanya and Jennifer had to be moved to a very dysfunctional household.

This book exposes what children go through due to negligence and abuse from a guardian. It gives hope to those who are going through the same difficulties. No situation is permanent and everyone can let go of their pain and conquer the world. $0.99 on Kindle.

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