Circle of Sharks

Circle of Sharcks
The four Lavington children roamed around their town like sharks in a lagoon doing what they pleased to anyone who got in their way. Some little twit from nowhere gets into their late father’s will? Not for long…

Gordon Lavington packed a pistol. Burton Lavington used his fists. Gretchen Lavington, the lawyer, put people away. Sydney Lavington, the sociopath, plotted and planned all the above. Four sharks rise up against the upstart usurper, Dan Warren, the raggy kid who thinks he can be one of them. He better get lost real fast if he wants to survive.

Dan has had a hard life. His mother disappearing when he was eight landed him in a founding home. Old Noah Thompson, a drunken survivor out of the Iron mines of Mount Riga, eventually rescued him. At twenty-three years old, Dan still lived with Noah surviving as a maintenance worker in a local factory. He knew nothing about his father or any family member until an estate lawyer waving his dead father’s will forced Dan to consider a whole new life. But, the will had stipulations. If he expected to receive any inheritance he would need to move into the family mansion surrounded by his newfound family.

Can he get along living within a circle of sharks?

His siblings regard him to be a ragged bum; a nobody who would not be missed if anything happened to him. The four siblings nudge and shove him around. “Be smart about your chances. Get out of town as fast as you can,” They sneer.
But, Dan suspects they know the reason for his mother’s disappearance. In spite of their threats, Dan decides to remain in the middle of the family, determined to find out what happened. $2.99 on Kindle.

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