Knocked Scentsless

Knocked Scentsless

My husband is now my ex, my career is at a standstill, and I’m basically squatting above my empty storefront in a tiny mountain town in Washington. The only thing getting me through is tinkering with my perfumes. I’m a “nose” whose job is to create the perfect fragrance, but I’ve been stuck working on my signature scent for months.

If that wasn’t enough, my biggest critic – Old Man Joe – just died, and a bottle of my perfume was found on his person. I can explain, I promise, but no one wants to hear me out.

Thankfully, I have some help. Joe’s old English Bulldog (it’s a long story), and a local firefighter (who is, yes, objectively handsome).

I have a list of suspects in mind, all of whom were at the annual dog Olympics and had the opportunity to kill Joe. I may be one top note short of an alibi, but I’ve got to find who knocked Joe scentsless, and fast, or I’ll be left with nothing.

You won’t stop turning the pages in this cozy small-town murder mystery with a hint of romance – and a lot of bulldog drool. $0.99 on Kindle.

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