Pregnant with My Roommate’s Dad: A Forbidden Age Gap Romance (Forbidden Encounters)

Pregnant with My Roommate's Dad: A Forbidden Age Gap Romance (Forbidden Encounters)

Daily schedule:
Wake up
Crush on the roommate’s dad

I have one word for this messed-up life of mine. Disaster.

My best friend literally lives with me. And I drool over her dad right in front of her eyes. She trusts me too much to notice it. And I love him too much to stop. He adores my curves. He nurtures the crazy side of me. And now…Now he’s also put a baby in me.

Guess who will have to toss her party schedule in the trash in less than nine months?
The same girl who is about to lose her best friend and possibly the love of her life. $0.99 on Kindle.

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