Battle of Wills

Battle of Wills
When Clara Whitlock’s grandfather dies, she returns home to find that his death was less than natural. A brand new series starter from debut author, Emily Parks.

In 1870’s London, being a divorced is a scandalous thing for a society woman, but that’s exactly what Clara Whitlock is—after her husband leaves her. When she receives a telegram that John Whitlock, her grandfather, is ill, she immediately travels home with her reputation in tatters, only to find out that her beloved Poppa has already died.

But…rumors swirl in her small circle that he may not have died from natural causes. While her mother intends on marrying her off to the first eligible bachelor and her brother is bent on kicking her out onto the street, she dives headlong into unraveling what might have happened to her grandfather—and possibly her own demise. $0.99 on Kindle
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