Free: Shade


For fourteen-year-old Callum Silver, seeing dead people is a curse. Forced to live his life surrounded by searing pain, sickening smells, and desperate moans from the long deceased, Cal’s existence is as lonely as the murdered spirits who seek him out. When he’s offered a place at Camp Wanagi, ten weeks in the French countryside isn’t a vacation—it’s a lifeline.

Run by a mysterious group known as the Oracle of Senders, Camp Wanagi brings together teens from around the globe who possess the unique ability to interact with the dead. Cal is excited to meet others like himself and prove his ability can offer more than years of solitude and therapy. But he quickly learns that everyone experiences spirits differently. Some of the campers revere their abilities and don’t understand his hesitation. Others—like quiet bookworm Meander Rhoades—have good reason for wishing they could get rid of their gifts.

Cal is not sure he wants to learn more about ghosts. But when an unmarked grave reveals aspects of his ability he never knew existed, he’s forced to decide if being a part of the Oracle of Senders is necessary, dangerous . . .

Or both. Free on Kindle.

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