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Off Chance
Lukas Mueller knows something is off. He just can’t pinpoint it. His girlfriend goes missing, he goes searching, and the NSA comes investigating.

When his mentor, Pho Nam Penh, disappears, Lukas’s nightmare begins.

Lukas goes from suspicious to suspect overnight.

With the NSA breathing down his neck, how can Lukas prove his innocence and assert his usefulness in the hunt for the world’s worst unknown enemy, Pho Nam Penh? Does he have the grit and tenacity to pursue and ultimately conquer his foe?

Collin Cook’s genius high school friend, now an MIT student on scholarship, gets unwittingly swept into the current of international cyber-crime and economic warfare that threatens to destroy lives, livelihoods, and entire nations. Staking his career on the pursuit of Penh, Lukas must decide whether to protect his friend, Collin Cook, or allow him to be the bait he needs to trap Penh.

Join Lukas Mueller on an epic journey to find justice, fulfillment, and peace. “Off Chance” is a companion novella to Glen Robins’ high-octane “Off” series that thrills and entertains readers of all ages without resorting to the base and foul language and themes used in so many action adventure stories these days. If you like clean fiction that is fun and fast-paced, you will enjoy this entire series.
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