I needed a break. A break from the paparazzi, a break from my co-star ex, and a break from being the hottest new actress in Hollywood.

I did not need an orc bodyguard.

But my overprotective dad refuses to let me go on a location shoot without a security detail, and hes picked the toughest, scariest bodyguard in LA to accompany me. Too bad Roc is also my dads friend and my teenage crush. This wont be awkward at all.

Theres no doubt that Roc is huge and gorgeous and monstrously sexy, but he has the overprotective tendencies of a badass and the antisocial tendencies of an orc. Not always a great combo.

When we end up stranded in a crappy roadside motel with only the worlds cheesiest honeymoon suite available, theres only one bed and too many mirrors. So much for my plan of avoiding the orc Id thought Id never see again. $3.99 on Kindle.
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