Murder at the Christmas Wedding

Murder at the Christmas Wedding
Wedding bells give way to funeral knellscan the bride and groom solve the mystery?

Lovebirds Robin and Lee are over the moon to say their vows at the magical Copper Chase Resort in Starry Hill. Among family and friends in the snowy woods, the scent of hot cocoa and freshly baked cookies wafts from cozy suites. What could possibly go wrong? Amidst the wedding festivities, contestants are busy creating delicious holiday treats for the Christmas baking contest.

But Mistletoe, candy canes, and eggnog cant mask a most shocking surprise. When Chef Paco turns up dead, Robin and Lee must find the killer . . . or they might be next.

As the sweethearts try to learn the truth, they discover secrets and uncover suspects. With the clock ticking and time running out, the couple must catch the culprit and save their wedding. Or they might never get to see another Christmas, much less say I do. $3.99 on Kindle.
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