Birds of a Feather: A Cold War Book 3

Birds of a Feather: A Cold War Book 3
Birds of a Feather, the third installment of the Cold War Trilogy, follows the journey of William and Mina as they attempt a fresh start in life and raise a family in an ever-changing America, following their escape from Russia.

As Mina and William successfully start creating a new life for themselves, a request from President Kennedy and a letter from someone they thought was long gone rattle any semblances of peace and stability they thought were within their grasp. The two find themselves taking a trip to Vienna, along with their daughter Beth, to carry out a new mission and find answers to their questions.

Let Birds of a Feather take you along with Mina and William as they endeavor to root themselves where they must, amidst the challenges of building a family and existing in the thick of cunning politics during one of the most crucial times in history. $0.99 on Kindle.
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