Free: Hexywood: Hollywood Witches Book 3: A Paranormal Instalove Steamy Romance Novella

Hexywood: Hollywood Witches Book 3: a paranormal instalove steamy romance novella
It’s not Hollywood, it’s Hexywood.

Gorgeous yet aging movie star Tal Irving knows where to go for a glamour charm. The party-girl witch who keeps a pet turtle as a body guard and has LaLa Land wired from the H in the Hollywood sign to the Ferris wheel at Santa Monica Piers, Hecate “Hexy” Collins.

Hexy’s busy counting stacks and racking flash, but a shopping spree on Rodeo Drive convinces her that Tal’s for real. And being seen and respected for the first time in the steep climb from the streets to her perch in Laurel Canyon feels amazing.

But the Hollywood Hills have eyes…in the form of one King Mother. The viscous and ruthless gossip columnist plants a seed of doubt that soon grows into a vine and chokes the life from the fragile new love affair budding between Hexy and Tal.

Tal rescued Hexy from the grit and danger of the Sunset Strip, but when she gets the chance, will she rescue him right back? Free on Kindle.
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