How to make free bets in the UK

The Complete Guide to Free Bets is a straightforward manual written by Stephen Moses, a seasoned sports analyst for It aims to assist sports fans in the UK to engage in betting on their favorite sports in a profitable, predictable, and safe manner. Free bets, which are widely used as a marketing tool by bookmakers, can offer a low or even no-risk form of betting that can result in modest to significant profits.

The Complete Guide to Free Bets

The guide covers various popular types of free betting on sports such as football and horse racing available in the UK market, as well as virtual and emerging sports like MMA and online contests like Call of Duty. The language used in the guide is simple and easy to understand, making it a great resource for both beginner gamblers and those who are not sport-oriented. With the use of case studies, the guide is engaging and provides a quick and helpful read. It’s important to note that Moses’ high-winning case studies are mainly football-focused and rely on some lucky predictions, as well as prior knowledge of teams, leagues, and player performance.

The author also discusses recent challenges and controversies in the industry, including the decline of physical betting shops and the growth of online betting due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Moses also addresses the calls to ban free bets, which are seen as a potential gateway to problem gambling and addiction. He provides helpful resources for those struggling with gambling addiction and practical tips to prevent it, and ends the guide with a cautiously optimistic outlook.

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