Clay Legionary

All heroes have an origin – some are more noble than others

Growing up on his father’s farm in Tuscany, the far north of the Roman Republic, Alerio Sisera has a unique talent. Unfortunately, his skills manifest themselves when he is too young to handle the consequences. From a farm boy to a battle-hardened commander of a Roman Legion is not an easy or a direct path.

Clay Legionary is the 1st book in the exciting 19 book series Clay Warrior Stories. Set in the backdrop of the first war between Carthage and Rome, the series explores the lifestyles of the era before thrusting you into the battles of the 1st Punic War.
Warning: This is the parttime seasonal Legion of the mid Republic, not the fulltime Imperial Legion of the Empire, and it is messy.

Finally, heed this: A gladius is a short sword. A prodigy is a talented youth. Put them together and people die.
Welcome to the world of 271 B.C.
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