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Do you want to learn good coding techniques quickly and easily?

Are you looking for a dynamic programming language that will do everything you need?

This book provides all the information in one handy place!

SQL, or Structured Query Language, is an essential tool for developers who are coding in any computer language and it is perfect for programming and managing data. As a beginner, you probably want something that is easy to use.

With SQL: 2 books in 1 – The Ultimate Beginner and Intermediate Guides to Mastering SQL Programming Quickly, even a novice can understand and write code, and your knowledge will improve as you progress through the chapters on:

Book 1

• Understanding databases & database management systems
• Using queries to obtain data
• Creating an SQL view
• How to setup & create a database
• How to modify and control tables
• Dealing with errors
• And so much more…

Book 2

• A refresher on SQL fundamentals
• An easy-to-follow tutorial on setting up and configuring SQL
• Data types and their functions
• View encryption, creation, and indexing
• Using stored routines and functions to their full potential
• The advantages of data normalization
• And so much more…

With this practical and in-depth 2 books in 1, you will be able to increase your SQL knowledge and skills. Finally, you will be able to write your own programs quickly and efficiently.

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