Free: Royals of Villain Academy

A long-lost heir just discovering her powers. A college of vicious magic. These villains have never met anyone like her…

When mages slaughter my parents in front of me, I have no time to mourn. The murderers drag me to a brutal college where I learn I’m the heir to a royal family of dark magic. I’m destined to manipulate the world through fear—and to stand beside the four scorching-hot, arrogant young men who rule this school.

Unfortunately, I’m having trouble locating my supposedly wicked skills.

Whether I want to or not, I have to tap into my talents fast if I want to survive. The students here are even more vicious than the teachers, and my fellow heirs are worst of all. The four of them crush anyone who doesn’t kowtow.

No way will I bow to any ruthless royal, no matter how alluring. They can turn on the charm or tear me down, but they can’t break me.

I don’t care about ruling. I don’t care about magic. But I’ll take what I can get to avenge the people I loved.

The moment I master the dark power inside me, I’m razing this place to the ground.

Royals of Villain Academy is a university-age paranormal academy series. Expect magical villainy, a tough heroine who bends to no one’s will, a dollop of steam, and a slow-burn enemies-to-lovers romance. Free to $4.99 on Kindle.

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