Suitcase: A True and Inspiring Immigrant American Dream Story Memoir

The memoir of an ordinary man. I am not a rich businessman or famous celebrity but an ordinary man who came to America with only a Suitcase. My story is the story of all Immigrants who came to America with only a suitcase …and some Extraordinary dreams. You have a desire and goals to succeed in your career, business and education in order to have a better life for you and your family in America.

How you achieve your goals with your focus, hard work, confidence, passion, positive attitute adapting to the change, and determination have been revealed in my story Inspite of many challenges, dificulteis and failure’s. Importantly, these elements of success can be applied to everyone ‘s life today. Suitcase goes beyond the milestones achieved in in my professional life, Career, my daughters education and financial success.

Suitcase reveals the story of my passion for politics and defending democracy, Voting Rights, issues of racism, diversity, women rights, LGBT, climate change, Covid -19 and Helping the poor and feeding the hungry. My journey seeks for the Health Wealth and Prosperity of the World community and humanity. $9.99 on Kindle.
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