Before I Wake (Travels Across Time, Book 1)

Before I Wake (Travels Across Time, Book 1)

Historical novelist Magdalena Moore is haunted by the black-haired, black-eyed knight she first encountered during a past life regression. Across decades, Magdalena searches for the truth about Ranulf Navarre and his Lady Jane.

Is Magdalena the reincarnation of Lady Jane?

Who is Ranulf Navarre, the knight who has so long haunted her—Magdalena’s once beloved or a figment of her writer’s imagination?

At Tintagel Castle, Magdalena is miraculously transported to thirteenth-century England, where she is indeed Lady Jane, and Lord Navarre her husband. But Ranulf is most decidedly not the man of her dreams, and once their many secrets are revealed, will their love be forever destroyed?
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