Of Dolphins and Desires

Logan Phelps volunteers for an undercover information gathering assignment. But it turns into a run for the border. Courtney Swanson trains wild dolphins off the coast of Baja, Mexico. She’s caught in the middle of a web of lies, greed, and political desires. The attraction between Logan and Courtney is as explosive as those sent to prevent them from crossing the border. As hostilities flare between the Mexican gang, the South American Cartel, and The Agency, it becomes a race against time to save Courtney and Logan. Of Dolphins and Desires is a thrilling, high-voltage romantic suspense novel that dives into yearnings of human nature. This South of the Border action-adventure story takes you from the waves of the Pacific to the hope in Tijuana to the courtrooms of California, where the clever and courageous hero and heroine must solve the mysteries if they are to survive and be awarded their own desires. $1.99 on Kindle.
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